Why should I be interested in a COMPU Care support contract?

​In today’s modern world, computers have allowed us to do things once thought impossible. Proper use of computers & IT can allow any business to significantly increase their income through expanding their efficiency and market. What COMPU Computers can do for you is make the seeming impossible, possible, all at a reasonable, affordable price. We will work with you to make a support contract that provides services which meet your particular needs. Overall what COMPU Computers can offer is:

  • Reliable, flexible, agile service tailored to your business
  • Guidance on all aspects of IT to make the most of your equipment and systems
  • Fast response from highly skilled, certified technicians who understand the importance of critical systems and overall business continuity
  • Advice and assistance in plain english — not IT jargon — to ensure clear, effective communication
  • A great service at the fraction of the cost of providing in-house IT support
  • Information about new IT developments that can benefit you and your customers

How can a COMPU Care support contract save me money?

Dedicated in-house IT, even a single one on-call, can be quite expensive. With a COMPU Care support contract from COMPU Computers, we can handle all your IT needs at a tiny fraction of the cost. Why run the risk of hiring someone not right for your business when we can provide you with a team of certified, veteran IT professionals for a fraction of the cost of a single employee? Our goal is to provide the IT support necessary to let you focus on running your business.

What exactly can a COMPU Care support contract provide?

  1. Unlimited Telephone & Remote Support​: You and your staff have direct access to our friendly local technical experts via during our regular business hours.
  2. Free On-Site Visits: Each level of our support contracts include a certain number of free on-sites / incidents. In the unlikely event we can’t fix your system remotely or over the phone we will arrange for one of our locally based engineers to attend your site at your convenience.
  3. Proactive Maintenance: ​We regularly tune all computers & equipment within the support contract to keep them running as smoothly as the day you first got them.
  4. Updates & Security Patches: We make sure your systems have the latest updates & security patches to make your systems more secure and efficient.
  5. Security Maintenance & Auditing: We will help maintain any anti-virus or anti-malware installed, whether it was purchased from us or not, as well as give you periodic notices on the overall security of your systems. We can also provide free consultation on improving your computing infrastructure.
  6. Help & Advice: ​We’re not just here to keep your computer systems running smoothly. We know lots about computers and how to use them to their fullest extent and we’re happy to share this knowledge with just about anyone (our clients especially). We will be delighted to offer you as much advice and guidance as you need on getting the most from technology to either drive your business forward or to have an easier life, or both, depending on your goals.

What are some of the additional services I can purchase with a COMPU Care support contract?

  1. Managed Anti-Virus & Internet Security: ​For a small additional cost we can provide whatever’s needed in terms of anti-virus and internet security and will manage it for you. Anti-Virus designed for businesses have a wide variety of alerts that can be instrumental at stopping the damage of a virus or malware before it spreads too far.
  2. Managed Backup & Disaster Recovery: For a small additional cost we can setup off-site backups for your business to allow you to recover quickly in case of massive data failure. See below for more information.

How can a Managed Backup solution through COMPU Computers protect my business?

Imagine the worst happens: your critical data is suddenly gone and your efficiency has dropped astronomically because of it. There are all sorts of backup solutions out there these days with the cloud being today’s new buzzword, but none of these solutions really help when you need a data disaster recovery solution that can get you back up and running yesterday. By letting COMPU Computers manage your backups we can set up a solution that first makes a copy on our own local, in-house, encrypted backup servers where we can quickly and efficiently grab your data and drive it out to your business for emergency data recovery. No other backup solution can provide such piece-of-mind at an affordable price to small to medium-sized businesses.